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The god of golf scorecards.
eGolf is the best golf scorecard program out there for saving and recording scores. It has many features that any golfer would die for. It's the god of golf scorecards.

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But why use it? Well, with eGolf, you can save and export your scorecards. Record the date, player name, tournament, golf course, and of course, the scores. eGolf is also very easy to use. Just fill in the basic par and score information, and eGolf calculates the rest. You can even put in more info if you need to.


Export & Publish
So, wanna show your scores off to your friends? It's easy with eGolf. Simply go File>Export as Web Page... and you have your very own web page to upload to your website. No knowledge of HTML is required. eGolf does it all for you.

Download eGolf today and see for yourself how cool this program really is.

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What people are saying about eGolf

"Great app, awesome features. This goes where no ones gone before..." - Musics4Me, VersionTracker.com review

"Cool app!" - MacOS4Eva!, VersionTracker.com review


System Requirements

Mac OS 10.1 or higher



Download eGolf (1.1MB)

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